Diesel pump rotor head 096400-1240-14mm

30 ноября 2023 ( 32)
Diesel pump rotor head 096400-1240-14mm. Гремячье


diesel Pump Rotor Head 096400-1240-14MM # EH fit for Nozzle injector ford everest tdci# #fit for Nozzle injector ford everest tdci# #fit for 1az toyota nozzle 093400-5571 DN4PD57#s (EH)China Lutong Fuel Systems business enables engines to meet increasing emissions requirements while maximizing fuel economy and performance.China Lutong has been manufacturing fuel system components since 1992. The main components of the fuel system include Head Rotor for VE pump, CAV DPA/ DPS/DP200 pump & Yanmar Diesel Engine, injector Nozzle, Plunger And Barrel, Delivery Valves in Fuel Inject. Controls & Parts. nicole(at)china-lutong (dot) net Wha/tsa/pp:+86133/8690/1375 nicole@china-lutong.net
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Injector (частное лицо)

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